Carpet & Furniture Cleaning


Why regular cleaning is a must to protect your health and your wallet


Your carpeted floors are some the most heavily used areas in a home or place of business. This means that the amount of soil, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens that accumulate in these areas require special cleaning attention.


Carpet and fabric furniture act like a filter absorbing dust particles and air-born allergens. This is a good thing! It means that carpets and furniture remove potentially harmful elements from the air you breathe. However, like any filter, once carpet and furniture surfaces have reached their saturation levels, the harmful particles are released back into your breathing environment and they do with a vengeance!  


Some of the most common pollutants residing in your carpets and furniture, include (in alphabetical order): Asphalt. Bacteria. Car exhaust. Chemicals. Dirt. Dust. Earth. Food particles. Fungus. Germs. Glass, Gravel. Grease. Grime. Grit. Hair. Industrial waste. Lint. Mud. Pet Stains. Pollens. Pollutants. Rock. Sand. Silica. Scum. Smoke. Soil. Soot. Tar. Tobacco Smoke. Urine. Vomit.


Regular Professional Carpet and Furniture Cleaning protect your health.


So now you know that protecting your health and the health of those you care about, is the primary reason your home and office need regular professional carpet and furniture cleaning. Professional cleaning removes the accumulated allergens and pollutants that reside deep in the fibers of your carpets and furniture.


A second and little-thought-of reason for cleaning your carpets and furniture regularly is prolonging their life and good looks.  Carpet that is properly cared for and cleaned regularly, can last 15 years or more, keeping most of its original beauty. Furniture that is regularly cleaned can stay looking like new for 10+ years.  


Sparkle’s services result in improved indoor quality and protection for your investment


Sparkle has the equipment and expertise to help you improve the indoor air quality in your home and to assist you in removing the ugliest of spots and stains. We think you should be aware that improper cleaning procedures could void your carpet’s warranty and shorten significantly the useful life of your carpet.


Why take a chance hiring an unqualified provider or rented equipment that can leave the carpet too wet - promoting potential bacteria and fungal buildup - or that leaves detergent behind? Instead, enjoy beautiful results and avoid the headaches of potentially damaging approaches. 


Chose from our Value, Gold and Platinum Carpet Cleaning Packages. Check out our Carpet Cleaning Package Comparison Matrix (PDF document), and our Furniture Cleaning Package Comparison Matrix (PDF document), to decide which package works best for you.


Our restorative cleaning process injects new life into dull and soiled carpeting. Following is a brief overview of our residential carpet cleaning process.  We have a different, specially designed process for commercial carpets (click here download our commercial carpet cleaning handout).  


  • Deep vacuuming. We deep vacuum all areas to be cleaned in order to remove solid soils first.  According to the IICRC S100 Standard for On Location Carpet Cleaning, this is a necessary step, yet most carpet cleaning companies fail to perform it.


  • Pre-spotting. We pre-treat problem areas such as stains and heavily soiled areas.  Our spot removal kit consists of over 20 different cleaning solutions.  We are always prepared to tackle any challenge.


  • Soap-free prespray. Our prespray product is a non-toxic, biodegradable, soap-free product of the highest quality.  This product is the same used to clean such notable places as the White House, Air Force One, the Pentagon and the Environmental Protection Agency. We rinse away the emulsified soil using powerful, truck-mounted carpet extraction equipment. We leave your carpet, clean, fresh and soft with a pH at slightly below 7.0, which is the pH of pure water. 


  • Grooming.  We “groom” your carpet with special brushes to make sure the fiber nap dries in the “up” position and restoring the carpet’s original fluffiness.


  • Fiber Protection. We offer a full line of fiber protectors, an essential component in extending the life and good looks of your carpets.


Think of our carpet cleaning process as you would a professional washing and conditioning treatment of your own hair.  The result is a fast drying, residue free, deep cleaned carpet that looks and smells great and that will remain clean longer!


Learn more about our Carpet Cleaning Packages.  Schedule an onsite estimate. Book a carpet cleaning or an upholstery cleaning service appointment or Ask us a question. You can also visit our FAQ’s section for useful information