A New Year - A New Home

January 31, 2018



So it’s 2018 now! I hope you are off to an exciting and fulfilling new year.  We feel grateful for your ongoing support and for helping make 2017 a banner year for Sparkle.   


Let me ask you. Is this the year in which you will finally say yes to that new kitchen project you have been flirting with for the past few years? Are you ready to transform your old bathroom into a brand new in-home spa experience?  A beautiful space for rejuvenation and relaxation? Perhaps you have more ambitious goals and and have decided this year is the perfect time to finally come through on that full house remodel you have been promising your wife for a long time?  Maybe you just want to simplify and update your living space with light wall colors and one of those trendy and cool new floor styles.  


We are excited about your project. Let us help you!


We want you to know that we are ready and excited to assist you in bringing to fruition any home improvement project that is dear to your heart. You can count on us to listen closely to your vision and to assist you from concept and design to the full construction process.  


From pulling the necessary city permits on your behalf to starting with demolition, structural modifications, plumbing and electrical and all the finishing trades, including drywall, painting, finish carpentry, painting, cabinetry and flooring.


We have partnerships with the leading suppliers of cabinet components, countertops, and flooring materials.  


We have access to two beautiful show rooms in Orange County and to dedicated kitchen and bathroom designers.  In other words, if you can dream it, we can build it.  


Our Own Lesson in Water Damage


If we worked in your home this past year, you might have heard from me about the water damage event we suffered in our own home in February of 2017.  


The very last rain of the season made its way into our home through failure of one section of our roof.  Since we were away that weekend in San Diego at a Soccer tournament with our 14 year-old son, we came home two days after the incident. Our hardwood floors, part of the ceiling, and several walls were badly damaged.


So what started as a water damage restoration project resulted in a major overhaul of our 1960s home. I can sincerely tell you that this was a cathartic experience for me and my family. We got to experience the frustrations, the highs and the lows that major remodel work comes with. It was an exhilarating and exhausting process.


Worth it?  Absolutely! We are now enjoying our home more than we ever have.  


One of the benefits of our water damage experience was a lesson in humility and empathy. We were humbled by mother nature and by the understanding of the relative fragility of our shelter. Our empathy for you, our clients, has increased significantly.  


We can assure you that we now have an even better understanding of how unexpected water and mold damage events as well as home improvement projects, impact our daily lives and routines.  I can also assure you that the discomfort is only temporary and the payoff in personal growth and appreciation for loved ones and for simple comforts, will eventually make your life better.  


Over the course of this new year I will let you in on some stories of my own water damage and remodel experience. I will also share with you some insider tips and tricks to make your home improvement project and process a smooth one.


So stay tuned and check back often. You never know what kind of goodies you will find in our blog...


Best wishes for a happy and healthy year of designing, remodeling, updating, restoring, and to making your living and working spaces the most peaceful and tranquil retreat in your life.  


Happy New Year!


Cenmar Fuertes

President & General Manager

Sparkle Restoration Services, Inc.


If you would like to contact us directly and ask us a question, you can do so online or call Sparkle 24-Hours a Day at 714-641-6600 & 949-631-1001 .








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