Our Vision, Mission & Values



Our personal and corporate constitution


We know that many service companies often forget why they are in business in the first place. This is also true in the cleaning and restoration industry. At Sparkle Restoration, we understand that our success can only take place with one satisfied client at a time.


Our business philosophy matches our slogan "Serving Clients for Life".  We think it sums up what our organization is all about.  We are about delighting you, your family, and your friends. Every time and for life. 


Our Mission  

"To improve the living and working environment of our clients by providing them with an extraordinary service experience every time"


Our Vision

"To become the best-run full-service restoration organization in the world."  (Vision statements are supposed to represent big, bold dreams. Now you know what ours is...)


Our Values

The decisions we make at Sparkle Restoration are guided by a set of core values. These values represent the way we conduct ourselves in our interactions with our clients, our associates, our suppliers, and our strategic business partners. Our core values are:


  • Integrity. This means making simple promises. We follow through on our promises and attempt to over-deliver on them. 


  • Respect. We believe all individuals are created equal. We respect every person’s dignity and take their points of view at their face value. We approach our clients, associates, and vendor partners, as mature and responsible individuals with good intentions and ethics.


  • Client delight. Simply stated, we are in business to service our clients and to provide them with an “out of the ordinary” experience, every time they hire us.


  • Innovation. While we are a small, independent company, it is our intent to leverage knowledge-based and information technology systems, in order to enhance our market position and our competitive advantage.


  • Commitment to Excellence. Every day is a “school day” at Sparkle Restoration. We enjoy and learn from our work. We document and measure all our processes in order to minimize mistakes and to deliver extraordinary client experiences.


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