Water Damage Restoration Emergency


During a water damage loss, we help you regain control of your life and to protect your assets


Sparkle has the experience and equipment necessary to handle the most challenging water damage situations. With a 24-hour emergency call center, Sparkle is your one-stop, full-service water damage restoration company.  Our prompt action and expertise make a significant difference in minimizing structural damage to your home or business. 


We utilize real science in developing a strategy to dry your structure. 


The science that studies the thermodynamic properties of moist air is called Psychrometry.  In addition to the use of psychrometric principles and a strong theoretical foundation, we rely on our field experience to put in place the most effective drying plan to address your specific situation.  We have developed our own state of the art drying protocol which we have named Sparkle's Advanced Drying System (Download ADS PDF document).  To you, this means peace of mind knowing that you are in the best possible hands when it comes to helping you restore your property to its pre-loss condition with minimum downtime and expense.


In summary, this is why you want to hire us to take care of your water damage emergency:


  • Responsiveness.  Call us at 714-641-6600 or 949-631-1001 and one of our teams will be at your door within 90 minutes.


  • Knowledge. We utilize scientific principles, daily temperature and relative humidity readings and various types of moisture sensors to verify that we have created appropriate conditions for full and rapid drying of all affected materials


  • Performance.  ADS means 40% to 50% faster drying.  Average 3-5 days vs. traditional 6-9 days.


  • Convenience. ADS means little or no structural impact on your home.  No expensive and time-consuming construction repairs needed for most clean water damages.  


  • Results.  Our job is to get you life back to normal ASAP.  We deliver on that promise every day.


  • Flexibility.  We can bill your insurance company directly.



Learn more about the specific steps we take when drying a structure that has suffered water damage or Contact us to schedule an emergency visit or make a free online inspection appointment*. You can also visit our FAQ section for useful information. 


* An inspection report fee of $375 applies to most escrow transactions.  Please contact us for more details.